Digital certificate

Banco Popolare Croatia d.d. has introduced new and advanced Internet banking. Below you will find the instructions for accessing our new NetBanking service.

You will gain access to the service by completing the steps below:

1) Downloading certificate

2) Installing certificate

3) Login to NetBanking – use of NetBanking service

A digital certificate is a form of personal identity card (for establishing identity) used to gain the right of access to privileged information or online services (in this case, internet banking).

Digital certificate links your identity with a part of electronic keys (in the file being downloaded) to be used for accessing the NetBanking. In such a way, the system will recognize you as an authorized user and allow you to login to your NetBanking profile by using the username and PIN you received.

Downloading and installing your personal certificate is a precondition for use of the NetBanking service. The certificate downloading and installing procedure is rather simple and fast, taking only several minutes. Downloading and installing procedure is simple and fast, taking only a couple of minutes. The certificate should be downloaded only once. Certificate should be installed only once on every computer from which you wish to use the NetBanking service.

You can copy the downloaded certificate on the USB or other media and install it on other computers from which you wish to gain access to NetBanking. For security reasons, do not install the certificates on the publicly accessible computers (Internet kiosks etc.)